November 9, 2018


Is your centre ELSA-ready for 2019?

Admin checklist

STEP 1: Register with ELSA

All educators from participating 2019 Pilot centres who wish to take part will need to register their details with ELSA.

Lead educators and centre directors will be emailed details directly of how to register with ELSA.

Contact us if you need assistance registering with ELSA.

STEP 2: Complete an educator consent form

Every educator taking part in the 2019 Pilot will need to complete a consent form before they can start implementing the program in their centre.

Please complete this online educator consent form as soon as possible.

STEP 3: Print children’s consent forms

For the 2019 ELSA Pilot, all parental consent for participating children will be coordinated by each educator / centre. Please download and print as many copies of the children’s consent form (PDF) as you need.

Contact us if you need assistance with the consent form process.

Technology checklist

STEP 1: Update your devices

Check that all the tablet devices you plan on using for the ELSA Pilot in 2019 are ready to go.

You may need to download and update the software running on your tablet devices. It’s also a good idea to check the battery life of the devices and their general age.

Some old tablets are unable to run the ELSA apps. For example, Apple iPads must be running iOS 10+. See a full list of supported iOS devices on our FAQ page under ‘Which tablet devices support ELSA‘.

STEP 2: Download the ELSA apps

The ELSA apps are available for download from the App Store for iPads or Google Play for Android tablets.

At present you won’t be able to log in and start using the apps (until the 2019 Pilot commences), but it’s a good idea to make sure you can download the apps well ahead of time.

To do so, head to our apps page.

Program checklist

STEP 1: Access our professional resources

If you’re new to ELSA, or you need a refresher, take some time to explore our Professional Resources page before you start the 2019 Pilot. 

Contact us for the private link to our Professional Resources page.

STEP 2: Get to know the ERA model

The ELSA program is based on the ExperienceRepresentApply model.

  1. This model enables children to Experience a concept first with a hands-on activity.
  2. Then they can Represent this concept on an ELSA app in a game format.
  3. This is then followed with opportunities to Apply the concept to their own environment.

STEP 3: Download the STEM booklist

Download the STEM booklist (PDF) compiled by the ELSA team. There are some fantastic books to that may give you some ideas for activities you can do with the children.

Key educator links

You can also access our other educator pages via these links: 

ELSA support

If you have any questions or need help with these steps, please contact ELSA support.