Welcome to all educators taking part in the ELSA Pilot. We hope you're as excited as we are!

To help you prepare for the pilot, we've included some key information and resources below.

Get ready for launch

Before ELSA launches, we need a few things from you to make sure you're ready to start when the apps are released.

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    Device survey

    We're collecting information from each pilot preschool service about the devices they'll be using. For example, how many devices they have, what type of devices and which operating system they run.

    Please complete the online device survey.

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    Become an approved ELSA Pilot user

    Only nominated staff of a participating ELSA Pilot centre can log into the ELSA apps. To add your details to the list, please ask your director to contact us or phone 1800 931 042.

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    Consent for children to participate in the ELSA Pilot

    All children participating in the ELSA Pilot need a signed consent form from a parent or legal guardian. This consent form needs to be completed before children use the apps.

    Parents and legal guardians can access the online ELSA Pilot consent form - children. Alternatively, educators can email parents and legal guardians a link to the form: https://tinyurl.com/consentELSA

    Each educator also needs to to fill in an educator consent form to participate in the pilot.

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    Professional resources

    If you have not attended an ELSA workshop, or you need a refresher, take some time to explore our professional resources to help you run the ELSA Pilot in your centre. Contact ELSA for access to professional resources.

    ELSA recommends you follow the Experience, Represent, Apply model to implement the pilot. Enable children to Experience a concept first with a hands-on activity. Then Represent this concept on the ELSA children app in a game format. Then follow this engagement with opportunities to Apply this concept to their own environment.

    A great way to help children connect with STEM ideas is through children’s literature. This STEM Booklist () has some fantastic books that promote STEM Practices.

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    Before you start using the ELSA apps, try out these activities. They will help you and the children get familiar with STEM practices.

    Here are four activities you can use in the lead up to app launch:

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    What's next

    When the first ELSA apps are released, you will receive an email notifying you to download them from the App Store or Google Play, and a quickstart guide for setting up the apps.

    The first thing to do is to log in with your details and verify your identity. Make sure you are a nominated staff member at your centre, as we need to have your details in the ELSA system to give you access. See become an approved ELSA Pilot user above for more information.

ELSA support

If you have any questions or need help with these steps, please contact ELSA support.