2019 Educator forum at UC

With 2019 coming to a close (where did the year go?), we thought it would be great to get together with some of the educators who have been running the ELSA Pilot this year.

The 2019 ELSA educator forum was held at the Ann Harding conference centre at the University of Canberra on Monday 21 October.

In attendance were 20 ELSA educators from across the country, as well as representatives from the federal Department of Education and the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).

The forum was the perfect opportunity for educators to share with each other all the the wonderful experiences they had while implementing ELSA . It also allowed educators to explain any specific issues they faced and how they managed to overcome these.

Educators either presented PowerPoint slides of their experience, or presented a poster at lunch time.

The day was very illuminating for the ELSA team as well. Hearing about how the ELSA program worked in 20 different centres and contexts gave us some unique insights.

We would like to thank all our amazing educators for coming and sharing their experiences of the 2019 ELSA Pilot with us. It was a very rewarding day for everyone.

Below are some images from the 2019 Educator forum!