Amy and Remy meet quokkas on Rottnest Island

Hi everyone, it’s Amy and Remy from ELSA here. We’re excited to share a little adventure we had with you. Recently we visited a little island off the coast of Perth, WA, called Rottnest Island. This island is famous for the furry little animals who live there, called quokkas.

Remy and I were in Perth for the 2019 Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA) conference, which went from 30 June–4 July, and we just couldn’t resist popping over to Rottnest Island while we were in the area.

Below are some pictures of us meeting the quokkas and our story of how we became friends.

At first, Remy and I were a bit scared of the quokkas. We’d never met a quokka before, so we didn’t know what to expect. We said hello, but kept our distance.

We also didn’t want to scare them – we learned in preschool this year that you have to treat animals with care and respect, and be cautious around them.

After a little while of just watching the quokkas, we built up the courage to get a bit closer. The quokkas seemed quite friendly, and as we got closer to the quokkas, the quokkas started to move closer to us too.

Then a really funny thing happened! As we got closer and closer to the quokkes, they leaned in and sniffed us!

They wanted to see what we smelled like to see if we were food, and to make sure that we weren’t something dangerous to them.


Then it reached right out to shake my hand!

They were so close to us that we could see their faces close up. They are beautiful little animals.

Remy and I loved the quokkas. They welcomed us to Rottnest Island, and we played with them in their natural habitat.

After a while, we all got a little bit tired and decided to have a little sleep together in the sun.

Thank you for having Remy and I on Rottnest Island, quokkas. We really enjoyed our stay, and we hope to visit you again one day.

Lots of love

Amy and Remy