Cover star: Dr Kevin Larkin from ELSA

ELSA academic and 2018 Australian University Teacher of the Year, Dr Kevin Larkin, can now add ‘cover star’ to his list of accomplishments.

Kevin was recently interviewed by Campus Review—Australia’s leading independent tertiary education publication and website—about his teaching career and recent awards.

In the article, Kevin discusses his pedagogical work on ELSA, which has been a key aspect of the pilot’s success so far. The ELSA team is honoured and privileged to work with someone of Kevin’s calibre—especially now that he has been dubbed a ‘maths guru’!

The verdict is still out on the floral shirt, though, with opinion divided among his colleagues. But this writer, for one, thinks Kevin is ‘on point’ with his spectacularly colourful choice.

You can read the full Campus Review article about Dr Kevin Larkin in their latest online publication.

Alternatively, click on the images below to see enlarged screenshots taken from the article.

Congratulations Kevin from all the ELSA team!

Click on the images below to see enlarged screenshots of the article.