Visit from ACT Education Directorate senior staff

Pictured (L to R): Natalie Howson (Director-General), Professor Lynn Liben (USA), Centenary Professor Tom Lowrie (UC), and Meg Brighton (Deputy Director-General).

This week the ELSA team welcomed ACT Education Directorate senior staff members Natalie Howson (Director-General) and Meg Brighton (Deputy Director-General) as they stopped by our office for a chat.

ELSA team leader, Centenary Professor Tom Lowrie, talked to our guests about the upcoming 2019 ELSA Pilot and what we’ve been working on behind the scenes.

Natalie and Meg were very interested in what ELSA had accomplished as part of the 2018 Pilot and excited to see what came of the 2019 Pilot.

Sitting in on the meeting was our esteemed visiting academic, Professor Lynn Liben from Penn State University, USA, who is an expert in cognitive and social development.

The ELSA team thanks Natalie and Meg for visiting our office and we look forward to having the opportunity to discuss the future of early learning with you again soon.