ELSA character plushies (‘budsies’)

The ELSA characters – Remy, Amy, Elliot and Piper – lead children through activities on the four apps. So children in all ELSA Pilot centres are familiar with these characters and their interests.

As a thank you to our 100 pilot centres, ELSA had a set of these plushies (or ‘budsies’ as these are called) manufactured and posted out in late 2018.

We think they look awesome and are great to play with. But they also serve as a fun prompt for children to think about STEM Practices while doing off-app activities as part of the rest of the ELSA program. In fact, children can even use these character plushies as part of their activities and games in their centre.

The plushies feature a high level of detail – Amy comes with a backpack you can take off, Remy has a jacket you can remove, Elliot has a belt and Piper comes with her full wheelchair.

We hope that the children and educators in our pilot centres have a lot of fun with the ELSA plushies and engage with STEM along the way.